Canadian Cybersecurity Network

Our Story

In 2019, our Founder Francois Guay understood the huge market that cybersecurity presented and started out with a vision of creating Canada’s first community network for the cybersecurity industry. This is what started the LinkedIn Group in 2019.

As more and more experts became engaged and the community took form, we began to dream a little bigger and in the summer of 2021 we decided to build Canada’s one and only cybersecurity community platform that would help grow and develop talent so that Canada’s cybersecurity industry could become stronger. We decided to make it totally accessible and inclusive and decided to make membership free.

In early 2022 we decided to complement this online community by launching Canada’s first cybersecurity job portal.

With this addition, our vision grew beyond just a building a platform and a job board but the hope to bring together, inspire the current and next generation of Canadian cybersecurity talent and businesses. Getting talent and businesses to collaborate and accomplish great things.

Our aim is to make Canada the envy of the cybersecurity world. We will do this by empowering the community one member at a time.

Our Mission

Provide an engaging, empowering, inclusive and inspiring environment for the current and future generations of cybersecurity talent and businesses by:

- Facilitating collaboration, innovation, and networking;
- Increasing awareness and ability to defend;
- Growing Canada’s cybersecurity workforce; and,
- Championing cybersecurity excellence and potential
Our Values

Meet Our Team


Princewill Nwechem
Francois Guay
Community Owner
Charlie Tsao
Community Manager
Princewill Nwechem
Project Manager


William Cardoso
Partnership Manager
James Saldanha
Partnership Manager
Dev Shah
SEO Manager
Canada as one of the most empowered, diverse, and inspired cybersecurity communities in the world
Provide the most engaging and stimulating community environment for members to learn, grow and explore

Partner with us

Canada’s largest cybersecurity community gives you an opportunity to provide your support, expertise, acquire talent, post company or industry events and even become a corporate partner.

Our team is ready to discuss any potential opportunities you might be interested in exploring with us